St Luke's Catholic Church, Barefoot Bay FL

Off to a great start.

Published Saturday, February 27, 2016

Off to a great start. 


Last weekend we once again watched the Bishop appeal for our support and I personally explained to you why I think that it is so important that our parish support the work of                the Diocese to the best of our ability.  

I am very happy to report that we have gotten off to a great start.  So far we have heard from 91 of you and you have generously contributed almost $21K.  That means that we are more than one third of the way to our goal for this year which is $54K (ok: to be persnickety - nearly 2/5ths of the way!).  

One of my chief aims this year is to increase not just the total amount that we can raise towards achieving our goal for the first time in many years, but also to increase the number of those who participate in the campaign.  In my heart it isn’t really a question of who can give the big bucks, it’s about who feels connected to this duty of ours to support the work of the diocese to which we belong.  I can honestly say that in the highly unlikely event of someone coming to me and saying “Father, we just won the Lotto.  We’ll give you the full $54K,” I would say ‘Thanks, but no thanks!’ 

There are over 900 registered parishioners/households.  So if we have heard from 91 of them that means we have heard from around 10%.  And of course that doesn’t include those who aren’t registered at St. Luke but attend here faithfully week after week.  My dream is that we would hear from many, many more of our parishioners.  Some of you may indeed be able to give a large donation, others may only be able to contribute what you feel is a tiny amount.  Believe me when I say, as far as God and I are concerned, whatever you can afford is something we rejoice in.  What matters to us is that you care enough to take part.

I hope I was able to explain to you all the importance of the various activities which are supported by Our Catholic Appeal - Seminarians, Catholic Education, the Marriage Tribunal, Our Sister Diocese and so on.  All these are things which we simply couldn’t begin to do for ourselves, but, coming together with our brothers and sisters throughout the nine counties of our Diocese, we can achieve truly great things for the Kingdom of God here in Central Florida.

If you are one of the 90%+ who haven’t taken part as yet, please take two minutes to say an Our Father and say to God “OK, how do you want me to respond?”  

Remember, if you’re here for six months of the year, then we’d like you to consider contributing half of your annual donation to OCA and the other half to whatever other Diocese you belong to.  If you’re here for three months, then it’s a quarter and so on.

Please take a moment to see how you can help us.  Don’t leave it to someone else or think that your little gift won’t make a difference.  It may not make a difference to the total amount, but it will certainly make a big difference to my heart to know that all our parishioners care enough to answer the Bishop’s call to help us all build God’s kingdom.  As St. Paul said:  ‘Each of you should give whatever you have decided. You shouldn’t be sorry that you gave or feel forced to give, since God loves a cheerful giver.’  (2Cor 9.7) 

Thank you again for your generosity.

Fr. Robert.