St Luke's Catholic Church, Barefoot Bay FL

Words from Fr Tony

Published Wednesday, July 1, 2020 9:00 am

Now that I am getting settled, I have been approached by a good number of people with the hopes that St. Luke community would be able to provide more activities and formation programs.  I couldn't agree more.  Even though we are still coping with the virus doesn't mean that we can't begin to prepare to have some things set up, with the hopes to begin some of them, either this fall or when we can open up some more.  Currently; our parish has the following ministries/programs- music, thrift shop, finance council, flower/environment, RCIA, worship assist (sacristan/Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, ushers, lectors), bereavement funeral assistance and communion for the homebound.  Each of which are going smoothly (so I hope 🙂) and can always use help (some more than others).

What I hope we can develop- when time allows- would be more ministries of service such as Knights of Columbus, Council of Catholic Women, bereavement (after the funerals over and everyone has gone home) ministry to the poor and help for parishioners who something done, ministries of community such as coffee after Morning Mass, parish council, spaghetti dinner for new parishioners, youth ministry, maybe even child care, ministries of faith formation such as bible studies, why Catholic and stronger prayer events.  

Each of these have potential and will take time to develop.  If you have any interest in either participating or organizing any of the above activities please fill in below and drop off either in the collection basket or stop by the office

Please fill out & drop in collection basket


stop by the office


Name: _________________________________________________


I would like to participate __________________________________ 


or help organize __________________________________________  


the following _____________________________________________________